About Us

 MWAC is a Not for profit organisation run by women volunteers.

We work hand in hand with Aanchal women’s aid and other women’s organisations in and around the country.

MWAC was established as a response to the needs of vulnerable Muslim women who suffered domestic abuse, such as mental, financial, emotional and domestic violence.  MWAC complements the holistic services, such as mental health and overall well-being of Muslim women.

MWAC supports women and their children by signposting them to the relevant organisations to safeguard and rebuild their lives.

We help and support women for civil and Islamic divorce as and when needed.

We adhere to strict confidentiality.

MWAC is all women case case workers. We have a team of Expert panel consisting of Imam, Sharia Judge, Sharia/English lawyer and scholars who deal with Islamic divorce (Khula).

We also have a team of solicitors dealing with civil divorce cases.