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I, Sudarshan Bhuhi, CEO of Aanchal Women’s Aid confirm that Muslim Women’s Council was set up in 2015 to establish a platform of support for Muslim women in a religious marriage who needed to achieve Muslim Divorce status in order to become independent citizens.

Muslim Women’s Council works within the remit and objectives as set out in the CIC application document and ensures they are aware of services to enhance lives of women in need. They meet weekly, supporting women via a panel of 4 expert members (British Law, Sharia Law, Advice and Guidance) and are supported by a UK Muslim Advisory Board to help women obtain Muslim Divorce, which enables women to make informed decisions on their welfare.

In addition to receiving support for Muslim Divorce, women are able to access support on connected issues to enhance emotional, financial and other hardships in their lives, within their families and in the communities they live in.

Sudarshan Bhuhi MBE
Aanchal Women’s Aid

My name is Bushra Tahir and I am the Chairperson of Awaaz group which is Redbridge social and educational organisation for women in Redbridge.

I have known Muslim Women’s Advisory Council for the past 4 years. Their work is for safe guarding women, empowering and educating and making them aware of their rights. They facilitate Islamic divorce for women who want to come out of abusive marriage and facing domestic abuse, be it physical, mental or financial.

MWAC is an all women organisation who work on voluntary basis. We refer our service users to MWAC as an organisation. We support them in every way for the work they are doing and the difference they are making in women’s lives.

Bushra Tahir