Our vision and mission

Our Aims

We work towards:

  • Empowerment and education, prevention and lasting change
  • Alleviating the suffering of Muslim women with all kinds of domestic abuse, and support them to rebuild their lives
  • Encouraging women to register their marriage
  • Encouraging mosques and imams to carry out civil as well as religious marriages

Individual Support

  • To provide women with awareness of their rights in Islam
  • To provide emotional support through an all-women caseworker panel
  • To provide help and support to women suffering domestic abuse
  • To provide non-judgemental and gender-specific guidance
  • To provide women with signposting to legal advice, training and employment opportunities, and knowledge of human rights
  • To provide help and support to women to make informed life decisions
  • To provide encouragement and advice to women on the importance of registering their Islamic marriage
  • To provide support to women on healthy well being, both mentally and physically

Awareness campaign

  • To provide empowerment workshops for women from an Islamic perspective
  • To represent MWAC in seminars with other organisation
  • To work with professionals including refuges, law centres and Job Centres